VaporTrail Software

First game I ever written was on an old programmable calculator a simple guessing game. Captivating it was. And at times as a kid wondered if this simple machines had a consciousness?  Then came the interpreted BASIC on an old 8bit machines with various character bit map and sprite based 2d games. Then got into 3d engine programming using x86 assembly to do real time perspective correct lit textured map models on 486 machines in a vain but valiant efforts to create the next big thing in PC gamming.  Then as years passed by various projects came and gone: Skeletal kinematics with deformable skin model for character animation, tile games, 3d shootem ups.  All never saw the glory of the finish line and gone the ways of vaporwares.  The trail of varporware stretching to the the horizon so far as I can remember. So many lines of codes, so much time spent, so many nights burning the midnight oil. The conservation of information implies all these software codes will never be destroyed and has always existed only to be peeled away by a programmer burning the midnight oil. 






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